Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Where have I been for almost three years?

Looking at my last post from October 2014, all I can think about was how young I was. Only 15. Yet at that tender age, you still feel so old and mature. Why is that? In the back of my mind I think I wanted to be the next Kylie Jenner or what not starting my own blog. I did love to write. I feel so nostalgic, thinking of how I've changed both physically and mentally. But I also feel so unbelievably proud of myself. The things you go through in three years, the changes. People in your life still come and go no matter how old you are. Restarting this blog is a hobby. A way to keep my passion for fashion, makeup and writing going. I don't know who will read this but just support and show love.
Thank you x

Sunday, 26 October 2014


This is officially my first post, as of yet I have entirely no idea what to say but essentially here I will give a dabble of an insight into my sometimes pretentious life and thoughts on beauty and fashion- be warned as I am a self confessed shopaholic!